Michael Schumacher Tower – MSCWT, Sector 109 – Gurgaon

Michael Schumacher Tower By Homestead.

 Michael Schumacher Tower - MSCWT

Inspired by the concept of unique “Human Architecture”, planned by Michael Schumacher “The legend” himself and this project MSWCT (Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower) is been presented by Homestead.

Take a look of the previous delivered building.
MSWCT 090211 –


Some of the fantastic specifications’ are as under —

Ø Project land – 5 Acres (approx)

Ø Project location – sector-109

(Best residential sector in Gurgaon with the neighborhood like Shoba, ATS, Chintel etc)

Ø Total flats- 125

Ø Single tower and rest open green area with hi-tech club and swimming pool.

Ø High rise floors- 34.

Right now launching only 25 flats on 24th July with BSP 10,500/-sq.ft.

Ø Michael Schumacher himself will inaugurate the launching function and the construction will be started on the same day as 24thJuly 2012

Ø Completion of project within 3 Years.

Ø There is a Helipad on the top floor of the Tower.

Ø In this whole world there are only 7 such towers

Ø Club and swimming pool is free for the persons booking the flats during this launch.

Ø There is a swimming pool and gym in each flat of this project.

Ø Air conditioning VRV system and highly luxurious flats with imported wardrobes in the entire bedroom.

3700 4 9000
5500 5 9000

1000 rs/sq.ft Inagural discount for first 25 units (27/6/2012). One can also bargain some broker discount.

Booking Amount- 20 lakh rupees only

Payment Plan-

30 days – 20% including booking amount

60 days – 10%

After this CLP < Construction Linked Plan > will be considered .

Ø Next revision of rates on 24th August 2012 = BSP 12000 rs/sq.ft.

Ø Possession keys will be distributed by Michael Schumacher during a grand celebration.

Ø The world is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper .

Location Map


Michael Schumacher Tower - MSCWT, Sector 109


Gurgaon 2031 Masterplan

Gurgaon 2031 Masterplan

As per the article the major proposed changes in Gurgaon Manesar Masterplan 2031 comprises converting the major Reliance SEZ designated lands into designated 7 new residential / commercial sectors. At the same time the size of area under development has been reduced despite increased projected population .

There are 2 ways of looking at it, removing SEZ means that the employment opportunities in New Gurgaon areas are that much reduced and they have to largely depend on the clusters existing in the Golf course Road / Sohna Road / NH8 areas near Delhi Gurgaon border and also existing manufacturing hub along NH8. The things added are wholesale markets near new sectors & heavy vehicle parking areas, which are not a great alternative to SEZ as far as employment is concerned.

Another way to look at it is this allows more residential space in the new sectors creating a high density residential cluster in Gurgaon, which will make it the residential core of Gurgaon.

Hope there is clarity on the creation of other infrastructure in this masterplan related to water/ power/ transport / STP etc.

POV on correction and bubble burst in realty sector

1. I do agree the prices in Delhi have softened a bit owing to freehold and lease hold confusion and not because of scarcity of money. There is no dreath of money yet.

2. The stabilization of prices and a dip in prices is always a healthy sign. This means real estate is consolidating at a certain price and taking a breadth for a next big leap. The more time spent in consolidation zone means a bigger leap. The theory here is simple in such a scenario the inventories which are in weak hand move to stronger hands and then command better premium.

3. In Gurgaon the flats market never come down in terms of prices. There is hunger for flats as lot for end users want to move in there own houses. I was amazed to know that people have moved in Tulip Ace on Pataudi Road where still the infrastructure needs to catch-up.

4. I have also realized that people from all parts of country and world have investments in GGN. With Dollar appreciating 20% in last few months lot of NRI’s have invested in GGN recently. They have made down paymnents in most of the cases there by having a direct benefit of 32%. Dollar at an all time high in my view, this has brought in lot of money into India.

5. Interest rates are going to and will have to soften in next few months, which will bring more home loan takers back into real estate.

I have seen these kind of phases and negative people scaring the positive people with statements like ‘World is going to be over’. This is not going to happen and if it happens even people who are not invested in RE will be impacted.

Net Net this is a great time and in my view a time to buy right set of properties at right price.

How can you tax Gurgaon without basics in place, SC asks Haryana

Describing the lack of facilities to the residents of Gurgaon as “shocking,” the Supreme Court on Friday said the Haryana government or the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) had no business to collect property taxes from them when they had failed to provide basic amenities like sewer and drain in the “so-called most posh colonies in the National Capital Region (NCR).”

“Do you have sewer lines or fresh water or even drainage system? How can you levy a tax for maintaining a service that you don’t even have?,” a bench of Justices D K Jain and Madan B Lokur said.

“No property there is worth less than Rs 1 crore. However, they don’t even have basic facilities. What have you done regarding providing external services, particularly drains and water? You tell us in an affidavit what external and internal services you provided for these township colonies,” said the Bench.

The court was also anguished by the absence of a counsel for the Haryana government and decided to call its Principal Secretary (Law) to explain lapses in their representation and to clarify their stand on providing basic facilities to Gurgaon residents.

The court was hearing petitions by NGO ‘Gurgaon Citizens’ Council’ and a resident of the area, challenging notices by the Gurgaon civic agency to collect property taxes from the residents.

Victory Valley Carpet Area calculations

VICTORY VALLEY     (Figures in SqFt)  
2BHK 1435 3bhk 2428
Bedroom 1 133.37 Bedroom 1 213.96
Toilet 1 66 Toilet 85.56
Bedroom 2 168 Dress 85.56
Toilet 2 67.47 Bedroom 2 181.25
Kitchen 77 Toilet 2 50.31
Drawing / Dining 211.51 Kitchen 72.67
Bedroom 3 168
Toilet 3 55.73
Dining 143.56
Living 154.89
Servant 49.32
Servant Toilet 33.13
Total 723.35 Total 1293.92
Loading without Balconies 49.59 %   Loading without Balconies 46.71 %
Balcony 1 59.66 Balcony 1 49.8
Balcony 2 40.01 Balcony 2 48
Balcony 3 34.02 balcony 3 48
Total 133.69 Total 145.8
Total with Balconies 857.04 Total with Balconies 1439.72
Loading with Balconies 40.28 %   Loading with Balconies 40.70 %

Spaze AT4 – Carpet Area calculations

Spaze AT4 1708 sqft   2070 sqft
 Master Bedroom 194.45 191.25
Toilet 1 46.61 48.13
Bedroom 2 113.3 135.13
Toilet 2 42.56 40.69
Kitchen 82.4 81.67
Bedroom 3 132 126.5
Toilet 3 47.4 40.69
Dining 130.9 92.5
Living 180.8 199.75
Lobby Entrance 27.31
S Toilet 19.5
S Room 45.25
Lobby 60 51
Study 94.92
Total 1030.42 1194.27
Loading without Balconies 39.67 %   42.31 %
Balcony 1 80 Approx 102
Balcony 2 75 Approx 96
Balcony 3 42 Approx 42
Balcony 4 Approx
Balcony Kitchen 20 Approx 28
Total 217 268
Total with Balconies 1247.42 1462.27
Loading With Balconies 26.97 %   29.36 %

Effective carpet area is 73% and 70% of the advertised super area.  

Hibiscus Sec 50 Vs Golf Course Extention

Increasingly we have been getting queries that shall we buy an apartment in Hibiscus or Golf Course Extention. So below I have jotted the opinion of fellow RE members on the same topic.

The merits of a RTM project like HIBISCUS at SEC 50. I recently visited the Site. Its 90% complete.
And the location is in one of the MOST WELL DEVELOPED areas of GURGAON.
Medi-city and Artemis are Close by. Hilton Hotel is opening next door.
Looks are classy and premium.

Construction is done by reputed firm like Ahluwalia
Landscaping is done by Paul Friedberg.
Air conditioning is VRV.
The Architecture by ARCOP.
To me, its one of most UNDER-RATED projects in GURGAON.
Most GCX projects are by NEW BULIDERS, who havnt delivered a single premium project, baring EMAAR.
Possesion of Tower one & two will start by Nov 2012.

In GCX projects everything is 3-5 years away.
GCX the real livable conditions will be only in 2015 – 2016.
Even if builders give you possession today, in GCX, the amount of construction, that will carry on for next 5 – 10 years is not ideal living conditions.