Hibiscus Sec 50 Vs Golf Course Extention

Increasingly we have been getting queries that shall we buy an apartment in Hibiscus or Golf Course Extention. So below I have jotted the opinion of fellow RE members on the same topic.

The merits of a RTM project like HIBISCUS at SEC 50. I recently visited the Site. Its 90% complete.
And the location is in one of the MOST WELL DEVELOPED areas of GURGAON.
Medi-city and Artemis are Close by. Hilton Hotel is opening next door.
Looks are classy and premium.

Construction is done by reputed firm like Ahluwalia
Landscaping is done by Paul Friedberg.
Air conditioning is VRV.
The Architecture by ARCOP.
To me, its one of most UNDER-RATED projects in GURGAON.
Most GCX projects are by NEW BULIDERS, who havnt delivered a single premium project, baring EMAAR.
Possesion of Tower one & two will start by Nov 2012.

In GCX projects everything is 3-5 years away.
GCX the real livable conditions will be only in 2015 – 2016.
Even if builders give you possession today, in GCX, the amount of construction, that will carry on for next 5 – 10 years is not ideal living conditions.


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