Policy for grant of license and change of land use cases.

After careful consideration of the matter the Governor of Haryana is pleased to convey the policy parameters relating to the grant of licence and permission for change of land use as under

1)      Competent Authority to grant of licenses:- The licenses shall be granted/refused by the DTCP with prior internal concurrence of the State Government at Minister’s Level.  The State Government will however, exercise appellate powers under the Act.

2)       Conformity of the Site of the colony to Development Plan/Sector Plan and minimum area of the colony for grant of license;- The location of the site should be in conformity with the Development Plan proposals in terms of prescribed land use.  The site should also conform to the Sector Plan.  In  order to achieve the objectives of the Act No. 8 of 1975 and to regulate the development of urbanized sector in an harmonious manner, the following minimum area norms for different zones for granting licences outside the Municipal  Council limits of town and outside Municipal Corporation limits of Faridabad are hereby laid down as under: –

(Area Norms)

Category Hyper Potential Zone

Hyper Potential Zone

High Potential Zone

Medium Potential Zone

Low Potential Zone (Rest of State)

Residential Plotted

100 acres

100 acres

50 acres

25 acres

Group Housing

10 acres independent, 5 acres as part of plotted colony.

10 acres independent, 5 acres as part of plotted colony.

5 acres

5 acres


2 to 4 acres

2 to 4 acres

2 to 4 acres

1 to 2 acres

Cyber Park

5 to 15 acres

5 to 15 acres

5 to 15 acres

5 to 15 acres

Cyber City

50 acres

50 acres

50 acres

50 acres

Industrial – No minimum area norms has been fixed.

3)        Reservation of area for group housing:- In a particular sector the area under group housing should not exceed 20% of the sector area.

4)       Licences to Cooperative Housing Societies:- Whereas, the Government had discontinued the issuance of licence to Cooperative Housing Societies in High and Medium Potential Zones due to the unhappy experience, the licences to such Societies in Low Potential Zones were being considered.  After careful consideration it has been decided to discontinue this policy and not to grant licences to the Cooperative Housing Societies even in Low Potential Zones.  Such Societies will  however, be allotted developed land by HUDA for construction of Group Housing projects.

5)       Land Acquisition and Licensing:- Where applicants/land owners have applied for license before the issue of acquisition notification under section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, release of land could be considered on individual merits of each case.

6)       Development of Pockets:- Approach should be based on sectoral development.  Wherever, small pockets are left out within a licensed area or on the fringes of a colony which the colonizer is not able to acquire through negotiation such pockets may be acquired by HUDA in the interest of planned and harmonious development.  In case, HUDA is in a position and willing to undertake development on its own then these pockets  should be development by HUDA otherwise in the interest of compact development of the colony, the pockets should be allowed to be developed by the colonizer.  However, such area shall not be more than 10% of the licensed area.

 7)       Change of land use:- The change of land use (CLU) applications will be considered in conformity with the land use proposals of the Development Plans and in accordance with the zoning regulations and disposed off at the level of Director, Town and Country Planning where the Development Plans are published. However, where the Development Plans are not published decision shall be taken at the level of Government.  All the cases of grant of CLU for Petrol Pumps will be referred to the Government for approval.

Classification of Controlled Areas/Urban Areas in to potential zones.

 Keeping in view the present potential, the classification of the controlled areas into different zones will be as under:-

  1. Controlled areas in hyper potential zone:- Controlled areas declared under section 4 (1)(a) around municipal town, Gurgaon.
  2.  Controlled areas in high potential zone:-
    1. All the controlled areas in Gurgaon District notified under provision of section 4(1)(b) including controlled areas declared around Sohna town.
    2. Controlled areas around Faridabad-Ballabgarh complex.
    3. Controlled areas of Sonepat-Kundli Multifunctional Urban Complex, Panipat.
    4. Periphery controlled area of Panchkula.
  3.  Controlled areas in medium potential zone:-
    1. Controlled areas of Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala City, Ambala Cantt.,Yamuna Nagar-Jagadhari, Bahadurgarh, Hisar, Rohtak, Rewari-Bawal, Dharuhera Complex, Ganaur, Oil Refinery Panipat (Beholi).
    2. Controlled area declared under section 4(1)(b) in Faridabad Distt. And also including around towns like Palwal and Hodel.
  4.  Controlled areas in low potential zone:- All the other controlled areas declared in the State.

NOTE: Above mentioned classification will also be applicable uniformly for the

urban areas to bring parity and unambiguity.


Director, Town and Country Planning, Haryana may ensure that these

policy parameters are  adhered to while dealing with the cases of grant of

licence/permission of change of land use.


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