Gurgaon 2031 Masterplan

Gurgaon 2031 Masterplan

As per the article the major proposed changes in Gurgaon Manesar Masterplan 2031 comprises converting the major Reliance SEZ designated lands into designated 7 new residential / commercial sectors. At the same time the size of area under development has been reduced despite increased projected population .

There are 2 ways of looking at it, removing SEZ means that the employment opportunities in New Gurgaon areas are that much reduced and they have to largely depend on the clusters existing in the Golf course Road / Sohna Road / NH8 areas near Delhi Gurgaon border and also existing manufacturing hub along NH8. The things added are wholesale markets near new sectors & heavy vehicle parking areas, which are not a great alternative to SEZ as far as employment is concerned.

Another way to look at it is this allows more residential space in the new sectors creating a high density residential cluster in Gurgaon, which will make it the residential core of Gurgaon.

Hope there is clarity on the creation of other infrastructure in this masterplan related to water/ power/ transport / STP etc.